Welcome to the home of the Misery Men!

The what now?

Haven’t you heard of them?


Full catalog: 1–50, 51–100

Okayyy, let’s see.

It started as an NFT art series.

No need to overthink it.

You can shop for real products.

There are Telegram stickers.

There’s an Instagram to follow.

They’re drawn by @sangsara, a person not known for being able to draw.

Hang on.


What’s the concept?

How do you mean?

Like, I need a backstory.

One of those manifesto things? I’ll give it a go!

Misery Men is a collection of uniquely despondent artworks about the comedy and suffering of human existence. The genesis of each hand-drawn piece is a single structural stroke balanced with an opposite tear, like a slip in a puddle followed by a slap in the face. Amateur doodling then imparts unique character to every work.

A Misery Man is stubbing your toe in the dark; losing your family in a gangland hit; falling for a scam on Telegram; your ex on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek after you spent years helping them with their startup without pay but deleted the relevant emails during a turbulent breakup you barely remember; forgetting your grandmother’s face; catching yourself humming along to Coldplay; an iPhone dying after AppleCare+ expires; a tin of anchovies that sends olive oil all over the bed when opened; being sad enough that you eat anchovies in bed some afternoons…

Whatever your pain, they can be your face to the world.

Alright, I’ll buy that.

Cool. Buy something real, too?

Tote Bag
Misery Man #56

Glossy Mug
Misery Man #79

iPhone Case
Misery Man #57

Glossy Mug
Misery Man #59

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