Misery Men Catalog: Artworks 1–50

50. Young, dumb, and broke(n).

49. Burnt out at both ends, under an avalanche, out of control and tied at the hands.

48. Three-dimensional despair

47 v2. Markets down, no funds left to btfd.

(2022 remastered edition)

47. Markets down, no funds left to btfd.

46. Headed for the glitter glue factory.

45. Endless nomikai / ‘Ii kanji’ chuhai / Salaryman cries

44. Patron saint of silent suffering

43 v2. Look what you made me do (to myself)

(2022 remastered edition)

43. Look what you made me do (to myself)

42. Sad boys 4 life.

41. Got a bad case of the national exam blues.

40. But doctor… I *am* Pagliacci.

39. Portrait of a mad scientist.

(based on RP)

38. I don’t need help, I’m just blowing this thing for fun.

37. How do four right angles go so wrong?

36. When it feels like you’re not in complete control of your own thoughts.

35. An ugly mug with a history of violence.

34. I didn’t choose the sad life, it chose me.

33. Sent to train in Shaolin from a young age, doesn’t care for anyone else’s “lost childhood” complaints.

32. Just intelligent enough to sense the void of life’s futility.

31. Our life support, now on life support.

30. “Don’t look back to the days of yesteryear, you cannot live on in the past.”

29. Halfway between cocktail and hangover.

28. Hipster’s agony / mustache malady / the scent of patchouli / fashion casualty

27. Perhaps I am a god forgotten
Covered in vines and time
Passed through like a tomb by an army
Raided with tools that can’t harm me
But treasures that grow inside me are mine.

26. In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion weeps tonight.

25. The sadness that nobody sees is lonelier than most.

24. Didn’t do the right thing, time to ride the lightning.

23. You can waste a whole career doing ads for painkillers.

22. Hey mister, hand over your wallet!

21. Misery Men × Paranoid Puffballs collaboration. A tragedy for both houses.

20. Arguing with people online only creates value for platform owners.

19. “Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?”

18. Revenge never tastes as sweet as it looks.

17. The wounds don’t hurt as much as the memory.

16. The smell of Brylcream reminds you of your father.

15. “Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night.”

14. The Tale of Fuji-san and the Bad Hair Salon

13. Crying amongst strangers at the party.

12. [Bluetooth disconnected]

11. It can be lonely being the only.

10. I wanna mock and moan all night, and pray for rainy days…

9. When the ugliest nose in Mii Maker matches yours perfectly.

8. Cancer culture is canceled.

7. The disappointment of a burger filled with beet juice.

6. WiFi is down.

5. When the going gets tough, the tough get emotional.

4. Da ba dee da ba daa

3. “Oh mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head…”

2. This Misery Man is based on a real person. Unlike the others, it’s not a drawing, but a photo of a whiteboard sketch circa 2019.

(based on JC)

1. The prototypical look of sadness.