Misery Men Catalog: Artworks 51–100

90. Even monkeys fall out of trees.

89. Too cute and mute to dispute her repute.

88. Another pandemic Lunar New Year with impacted hongbao takings.

87. It’s the Year of the Tiger but the whole zoo has Covid.

86. Took a new job posting for some peace and quiet, but the toilets are a step back.

85. Being an interstellar tyrant ain’t easy.

84. Heavy is the head that kills everyone in the play.

83. Tfw you announce your retirement then show up for work again.

82. “Somebody” left the lights on downstairs. AGAIN!

81. Started seeing a therapist who saw through everything.

80. Come with me if you want to grieve.

79. Spot the insecurity.

78. Shackled to the wheels of capitalism for all eternity.

77. Error: Happiness not found

76. Mutant melancholia.

75. Hands too rough to touch a face, the year’s crops gone without a trace.

74. Sodding wet, this blanket.

73. Lost one that can’t ever be replaced.

72. Believed in too many holistic cures and now in the worst health of her life.

71. Gargamel vibes but is actually a really nice guy.

70. Bought the X-Ray Specs but hasn’t realized they don’t work.

69. The only furry in a small town.

68. Love hurts the more you think about it.

67. Bumped into someone coming around the corner and you weebs know how that story ends.

66. Never knew how bad his breath was before.

65. *sits in stony silence*

64. Too many dreams and too many years.

63. Born the property of a fiction called country.

62. The more you know, the heavier it feels.

61. It’s miserable in the metaverse, especially with underpants on your head.

60. Only happy when he dreams.

59. Things are looking beak for our hero.

58. A wop bop a loo bop, a lop bam bawl!

57. A mind left for dead on the information superhighway.

56. Poached by a headhunter, but new job left him fried.

55. “Oh good, looks like it might rain today.”

(based on JK)

54. I can’t remember Wednesday night. What do you mean today’s Wednesday?

53. Twenty three and one but innocent.

52. Flat footed, left behind, Mr. Su has lost his mind.

51. Some of us never asked to be ALLIIIIVEEE!!