Update (the next day): Turns out this was a recent change by OpenSea, which caused a backlash, and has now been reversed. So everything will continue in the original collection. The two new v2 pieces below have been re-listed in the correct place.

Have discovered the little-talked-about fact that OpenSea collections have a lower limit (around the 300 mark — we’ve now reached this thanks to the ambassador NFTs), which doesn’t seem to apply to those series of 10,000 pfps. Perhaps it’s only for Polygon network plebs.

Therefore, unfortunately, the initial Misery Men collection will end with #82, and continues in a new collection: Misery Men Vol. 2.

Starting things off there are two revisited artworks from the B&W era, which have been minted as new “v2” NFTs.

Misery Man #47: v1 and v2
Misery Man #43: v1 and v2